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I Vote Yes for Fruitcake

[This post is preempting my usual beginning of the month to-do list. The one for December is likely to be pretty sparse since with the short amount of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas I don’t expect to accomplish much this

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The Genealogy Gals are taking a vacation (from blogging that is).  Thanksgiving and Christmas are rapidly approaching and we are both a bit overwhelmed.  We will be back in January on our regular weekly schedule, with new and entertaining family

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We are alone once more.  My daughter and her boyfriend started their 12 hour voyage back to Virginia this morning. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving spread over 4 days and I am wallowing in nostalgia. It is a truism, but

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It’s Thanksgiving Week, Or Real Life Intervenes

I’m gearing up to host the family dinner for Thanksgiving this week. We are very lucky to have a lot of family not too far away, many of whom continue to want to get together for the holidays. This year

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Thanksgiving Leftovers

It’s Saturday afternoon and they’re gone, not the leftovers, the relatives.  The leftover turkey will last forever.  Have you noticed that every recipe you use to get rid of the turkey actually extends its life?  Its like Zeno’s paradox, you’re

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