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Wakeman 4. Father Brings a Flour Mill to Town

To set the stage as I start this fourth in the Wakeman series (also described in the first one): this is a description of life in the early 1900s in a small north-central Ohio village.  My mother interviewed and taped

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Wakeman 3. The Grist Mill that Father Built

“When Father sold the farm and moved to town so that Mother could take care of her parents, he was left with nothing to occupy his time and he had to figure out something that he would do. [This was

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Wakeman 2. Harvesting Ice for the Ice Houses

This is the second in the Wakeman series, based on my Grandpa Lyle’s reminiscences.  The voice is his, I have just partially cleaned up the transcription to take out the pauses and interruptions.  Given the heat we’ve been having here

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Wakeman 1. The House on Pleasant Street

This post is the official beginning of a series I want to do from my Grandpa Lyle’s memories.  My mother, bless her heart, who didn’t think to tell me much about her side of the family and didn’t write much

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My Grandpa Was a Foodie

My grandfather, Lyle Denman, loved food and loved to eat.  I think this must have been true all his life.  Ok, this doesn’t make him a gourmet but he did like his meals.  And was always interested in where food

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